What To Do If Your Candle Has Tunneling

Anyone who enjoys candles knows how loathsome tunneling can be. It leads to voids of unused wax and an inefficient burn, wasting your candle. Traditionally the only preventative measures you can take to curb tunneling is to leave the candle lit for at least four hours at a time. Doing so in an effort to get a full melt pool and a nice even level of wax. But this isn’t always conducive to everyday life. 

Fret not, for there is a simple solution. If you have a tunneled or beginning to tunnel candle, here's all you have to do; Take some regular tin foil, fashion it into a cone with a hole at the top and place it on top of your candle. Light your candle and leave it be. The foil will conduct the heat evenly to your untouched wax and before you know it your tunnels are a thing of the past!

It is important to note that if your wick is too short, the wax may cause the wick to drown. Once the wax has melted, you will need to carefully remove the excess wax, allowing the wick to breathe. 

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